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Oct 30, 2013

With the cold fully cleared up and generally less accident prone another show with lots of good indie music and film related nonesense. The time budgie smugglers stop in 1984 and Cheyney mops up 1983. 

Oct 22, 2013

After a lumpy start we get right on with great music from Blouse, Beth Orton, Jonathan Wilson and all sorts. Cheyney Kent mops up 1982 and we look at not the best for year movies 1983. It's been tough, I can't deny.

Oct 15, 2013

Great film music from 1982 as well as a quick round up of my flying visit to the London Film Festival. Great indie tunes from Foals, Pond and many more. 

Oct 8, 2013

A really packed show, Neko Case, Jim Jones Revue and Deer Tick among others. We arrive in 1981 where we go to see Raiders of the Lost Ark and For Your Eyes Only. Get in touch and tell us what you think! 

Oct 1, 2013

Back for another 13 week run, if you can stand it. Great music and film based goins on. Music from London Grammar, Smoke Faries, Volcano Choir, Jake Thackray amongst others. The series theme is films of the 80's. Everyweek a countdown of the top films. Starting with 1980 of course.